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What are Pop Ups?

The words “pop up” refer to any internet browser window that is launched without your specific permission – they are almost always flashy advertisements trying to either sell you something, or get you to type in information, such as your email address or zip code. They have become the Las Vegas of the internet.Pop Ups are also considered Malware
Pop-up’s come in a variety of flavors, depending on how they are triggered on your computer. Those flavors are:


These are your average, run of the mill advertisements that pop up when you visit certain web pages. Some people who run websites get paid for every popup they deliver to their site’s visitors. We don’t and will never use popups on this site, so if you are noticing popups while browsing, they are probably caused by something installed on your computer.


Popunders are pretty much the same as popups, except they will launch a new internet browser window underneath of the window you are currently using. You may not even notice these until you close your browser window to see them hiding underneath. Once again, these are usually advertising methods employed by the operator of one of the websites you recently visited.

Exit Consoles

Exit consoles are just pop-ups that appear when you either close a page, or leave a web site.

Floating Ads

Floating ads are very similar to pop-ups in that they appear over the page you are trying to read, but they are triggered by more advanced mechanisms, usually special code embedded in the webpage you are viewing, these appear more graphical in nature and can hover or zoom around your screen



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